The Preferred Design

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The Plan


Parking is important to allow people to access the Low Battery, but the waterfront should not be used for the long-term storage of automobiles. The preferred design options maintain on-street parking around White Point Gardens, removing only that parking which is located along the water's edge. During detailed design, the City may decide to add back some on-street parking along the water at this location in a manner that does not overwhelm the pedestrian landscape and subtract newly-acquired views of the water.


Traffic Flow

Along White Point Gardens, traffic is changed from two-way separated by a central median to one-way with parking on one side of the street (as shown above). This will allow motorists to continue experiencing the Low Battery turn from their automobiles, while also reclaiming space from automobiles to enhance the pedestrian waterfront experience.


Preferred Design Solution - The Garden Edge

The preferred design option around White Point Gardens involves a compromise solution. As you can see from the graphic above, just over 40% of survey respondents wanted to completely close Murray Boulevard in front of White Point Gardens to automobiles, making the entire landscape a unified park. One-on-one public input and additional analysis revealed a heavy traffic burden would be placed onto South Battery and King Street, some larger automobiles would not make the turn at that intersection, and too much on-street parking would be lost. This led to the compromise solution, where the preferences for Option 3 and 4 are combined to equal over 60% of respondents. As shown in the image below, the one-way street would be composed of special paving and function as a public open space closed to automobiles during certain times and/or special events.

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Pitt Street Bridge - An Example Green Space

This linear green space along the water's edge could function much like that found on Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant.

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Public Restrooms

The final design will incorporate public restrooms at White Point Gardens. The linear green space allows sufficient space to construct a small restroom kiosk, as is done in many other cities. For example, Portland, Oregon uses a "Portland Loo" in one of their city parks. During the public engagement period, we heard many stories of visitors using the restroom in non-preferred locations around White Point Gardens. The City understands this issue and this design provides a solution.

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