People Pedal Plan

The People Pedal Plan is a new, ambitious framework for an urban bikeway system on the Charleston peninsula. The network and its elements are expressed in an interrelated set of documents, each in a user-friendly format applicable to the task at hand. This is the first comprehensive bicycle infrastructure study for downtown Charleston and is a key first step in creating a multimodal system.

Design Report + Toolkit 

The Design Division report provides an overview of the concept, including survey results, bike crash data, phased route maps, information on improvements, and some conceptual illustrations.  It also features a set of standards for the unique Charleston context.

Radciffe to Bee-01 2.jpg

Project Sheets

These are the individual projects that make up the urban bikeway system. These will be developed, refined, challenged and updated over time. Each project represents a significant investment in planning, public input, detailed design, coordination, funding, and potential maintenance. 

System Map Poster

The poster shows the entire proposed urban bikeway network on one page, with each type of solution indicated. It's intended to be printed in a large size (36"x 48").

We are also working on a stylized "window poster" for widespread distribution.

Plan Implementation

Design Division the Planning Department is currently (September/October 2017) working closely with the Traffic & Transportation Department to draft a 10-point implementation strategy. Upon completion of this strategy, we will re-engage other government agencies and community stakeholders in the implementation process. Initial strategies include: partnering with Charleston County and SCDOT to ensure appropriate street markings are included in roadway resurfacing projects, presenting the plan to the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, conducting pilot projects and other tactical urbanism strategies, competing for state and federal funding, and developing detailed project sheets for each segment and intersection in the plan.


Please check back soon for opportunities to get involved!