Daniel Island Neighborhood Park


Keep it Simple

The land, trees and other features of this site are very beautiful as they exist today. The goal of this project is to keep it simple. Here we are proposing to add a simple pathway system, a few benches, some play and exercise facilities and a central gazebo. The improvements allow for the park's greatest asset - the tall pine forest - to take center stage.


Work In Progress

This project is in the conceptual phase and is undergoing City Staff and community stakeholder review. We are working with nearby residents, political leaders, the Daniel Island Company and others to establish a basic concept of the neighborhood park elements and their arrangement before going into detailed design and construction. Included here are excerpts from the Design Division presentation currently under review.

DI North Park Internal Review-Revised_Page_07 2.jpg
DI North Park Internal Review-Revised_Page_08 2.jpg