Hagood Street Extension


Hagood Street Extension will be a new major north-south street connecting the Westside Neighborhood, Gadsden Green and West Edge to the Medical District. With this new infrastructure comes a unique opportunity on the peninsula - to introduce a critical connecting street in an urban context that is truly multi-modal, or “complete.” In addition to implementing the People Pedal Plan, this new street also has the potential to accommodate the planned Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LCRT) system, provide for more efficient medical district shuttle circulation, and allow people to safely walk across the Septima Clark Parkway (sometimes called the “Crosstown”).

Hagood extension will be implemented in two phases. Phase one, the interim phase, will involve a coordinated Planned Unit Development (PUD) between Cannon Street and Spring Street. The PUD will deliver a roadway section with curbs and sidewalks that will eventually become the Hagood Street Extension. The City will ensure the correct placement of roadway elements to accommodate desired future conditions.

The second phase involves the construction of intersections at Spring and Cannon streets and the development of multimodal infrastructure in line with North American Transportation Officials (NACTO) design standards and LCRT needs. This eventual full street condition will include: dedicated bus lane with sufficient turning area, crosswalks and signals in all directions, bicycle lanes in both directions, bicycle boxes, bicycle skip lanes through the intersections, and other infrastructure.

The image shown here depicts the desired long term conditions as expressed by the Design Division. More information can be found in this PDF.