Example of Park(ing) Day installation. (Photo: www.parkingdaydallas.org)

Example of Park(ing) Day installation. (Photo: www.parkingdaydallas.org)

About the Parking Lane Closure for Low Battery Demonstration Project

Design Division will be using "tactical urbanism" methods to engage the public on-site for the redesign of Low Battery. The area is planned for reconstruction to raise the sea wall, and we are proposing various improvements to the public space as part of this project.

Our on-site demonstration involves the closure of parking areas at the intersection of King Street and Murray Boulevard to show space that could be made available for pedestrian use by reclaiming space from parked automobiles.

This is done in cities all over the world as part of Park(ing) Day, an annual, open-source event that encourages people to transform metered parking spaces into temporary miniature parks, or parklets.

Please join us! We are accepting volunteers to assist with setup and monitoring during events. Send inquiries to davisal@charleston-sc.gov

Planned Event Times

SUNDAY JULY 9th, 2pm-6pm

MONDAY, JULY 17th, 5pm-9pm

SATURDAY, JULY 22nd, 9am-1pm

FRIDAY, JULY 28th, 5pm-9pm

SATURDAY, JULY 29th, 3pm-7pm

FRIDAY, AUGUST 4th, 10am-2pm

Map of Planned Closure Areas during Event Times