City of Charleston

John Tecklenburg., Mayor, City of Charleston, SC. His agenda directs Design Division projects and continues to affirm the Charleston Civic Design Center as a community asset.

Jacob Lindsey, Director, Department of Planning Preservation and Sustainability. He directs the larger City department that coordinates all planning in Charleston. Jacob is also the former director of the Design Division.

Design Division works closely with other divisions and departments in the City of Charleston as our core partners and clients. 

Divisions of the Department of Planning Preservation and Sustainability:

  • Planning

  • Urban Design & Historic Preservation

  • Zoning

  • Sustainibility

  • Business and Neighborhood Services

Design Division

Design Division is the municipal urban design studio located on the second floor of the Charleston Civic Design Center. We  elevate the dialogue of civic design in the city and facilitate the creation of well-designed places. Design Division is one of five units of the City of Charleston's Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability.

Allen Davis, AICP is the Director of the Design Division and the Charleston Civic Design Center.  He is an urban designer and certified city planner and has worked in Portland (Oregon), Asheville, Charlotte and Wilmington (North Carolina). 

Contact him at

Current Staff and Interns:

  • Morgan Gundlach, Urban Designer

  • Annie Cary, Intern


Affiliate Organizations

  • Urban Land Institute (ULI)*

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)*

  • Charleston Moves

  • Clemson Architecture Center

  • College of Charleston, Historic Preservation & Community Planning

  • American Planning Association

  • Congress of New Urbanism

  • National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

  • Enough Pie

  • American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA)*

       *Local chapter partnership.

Former Staff

The original Director was architect Michael Maher, who is now the project manager at West Edge (a newly emerging mixed use district just north of MUSC). 

Former Staff and Interns:

  • Stevie Chen, Intern

  • Elise Padilla, Intern

  • Madeleine Sanders, Intern

  • Andrew Spitzer, Intern

  • Elizabeth Crimmins, Intern

  • Tavaris Brooks, Intern

  • Lillian Jones, Intern

  • Aiden Lillie, Intern

  • Kathryn Matrangola, Intern

  • Vivian Gao, Urban Designer

  • Jackson Burke, Intern

  • Stephanie Mathena, Intern

  • Sonny Sisan, Intern

  • Claire Warshauer, Intern

  • David Herero, Urban Designer

  • Ashley Davis, Intern

  • Rachel Powell, Intern

  • Nicole Bronola, Intern

  • Laney Tuten, Intern